20 years of web design

1 October 2017

Twenty years ago today, I landed my first job at Integra, a web startup, beginning a web design carrier I’m still pursuing to this day. The web, evolving at a break-neck pace, kept feeding an insatiable curiosity, allowing me to help clients of all sizes in many fields.

The cobbler’s children…

Ironically, my own website hadn’t been more than a holding page for years —perhaps 8 or 10?— partly due to my perfectionism, but mostly because projects kept coming by word of mouth. The necessity for this platform, to make myself a name or approach clients, hadn’t struck me as an evidence.
So why start now?

First because this anniversary makes for an excellent deadline, that allowed me to beat the 6th dan procrastination that too often hits my personal projects.

But also because I have decided to reorient my activity a little bit. For about ten years, I’ve made a reputation in the Drupal world by taking on a front end developer role. Even though I’m now done with Drupal (which will be the subject of an upcoming article) I’m still offered projects of this kind on a regular basis by people who only know about my technical hat. This site will hopefully allow me to spark new creative collaborations.

More broadly, it is a great medium to write (in French and broken English) about the topics I’m passionate about, and also explain how my approach to design can make a difference on any project.

First step

Is the site perfect as I publish this article? far from it! Any journey begins with the first step, and if the site today is nothing but a draft, a blueprint, in time it will improve and the content will get richer.
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Going at it again